You Are Loved

Who is Doxa?

Doxa is the New Testament word for glory, and as a church our ultimate calling is to bring glory to God. God’s glory is everything that is true about His character, and God’s glory moves us to be worshipers driven for the mission of Jesus Christ. As Doxa Church, we show His glory by living out the truth of who He is.

Our Mission

To glorify God through the fulfillment of the Great Commission. (Matthew 28:19-20)
Our obedience to this mission is the foundation for every ministry of our church. From the Sunday worship services, to kids ministry, to life groups and podcasts, our chief aim is to first and foremost bring glory to God by multiplying authentic worshipers of Jesus Christ.  

Latest Sermon

Join us as we walk through the Book of Hebrews together.  This is one of the most masterfully written books in the Bible full of wisdom on maturing as a Christian, looking at the eternal nature of our relationship with Jesus, abiding in God's son, and seeing how Jesus is better.