Life Groups

Why do we have Life Groups?

Everything we do at Doxa comes out of our mission statement:  To Glorify God through the fulfillment of the great commission. Life groups are the way we build disciples and shine the light of Jesus to the praise of His glory.  

Why should I be apart of a Life Group?

Your soul craves true Biblical community, and it’s really hard to get that with one-weekend worship service and a podcast. Life Groups allow you to be shepherded (Ephesians 4:11,12), they encourage the use of your spiritual gifts (II Cor. 3:1-9), they multiply leadership (II Tim. 2:2), they foster love (John 13:35), and they promote unity and fellowship (I John 1:3,6-7). We were never meant to walk alone, and this is the most effective way to walk in love with one another.  

What do our Life Groups look like?

A group of 12-15 people meeting regularly in homes and gather around food to have a natural conversation that is facilitated to apply God’s Word to real life. Add the elements of shared accountability and local outreach and you have a place where you can invite your friends, love your city, and stir one another to love and good works. (Hebrews 10:24)

How is this different from Sunday School or a Bible Study?

The primary goal isn’t just more Bible knowledge, and there is not a teacher who has all the answers. Of course, gaining a deeper understanding of the Bible is important, but life groups are more than that. It places you into a community where you apply God’s Word; process life; and serve, support, and challenge one another more than one night a week.

How will Life Groups be formed?

The church leadership will recommend a couple of different Life Groups to you based on location and basic demographics.

What does the calendar commitment look like?

Every life group will have its own schedule that fits their community.  We use a 5 week cycle, with one break and one missional service event built into 3 home nights.

What about kids?

Our church is committed to the importance of this for you to the point that we offer childcare reimbursement of $8 an hour to families who need the assistance. Every life group will work out the childcare situation on their own, and if you desire to receive the childcare reimbursement all you need to do is complete this monthly form and have a Venmo account. Please email the Reimbursement form to

How long is a Life Group? 

We value your time and schedule so our life groups will start promptly and go from one and a half to two hours.

Life Group Locations

Londonderry | 141 Antrim Ave.

Hawk Creek | 508 Cromwell Dr.

Greer | 306 Palmetto Cir.

Boiling Springs | 121 Parris Ridge Rd.
Boiling Springs

Gray's Creek | 704 Grays Creek Rd. Spartanburg

Students | 141 Antrim Ave.

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