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The best way to reach a child is to tell a story. We desire to see kids (babies to 4th grade) experience the life-changing power of Jesus and His word through worship and story. We’re designing our kid environments with your child in mind to be safe, fun, and filled with age-appropriate learning tools.

Nursery & Toddler

Babies up to walkers receive loving care along with an information card about the specifics of their time with us.


The middle room enjoys coloring, video based curriculum, snacks, singing, and games. (Children should be 3 before September 1st to join this room.)

1st - 5th grades

Elementary engages in worship and video based kids curriculum led by a team of loving adults. (Children should be 6 before September 1st to join this room.)

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Kid Check

Every week your child checks in and out through our secure online check-in system.


When kids feel safe, they can relax and learn, and so can you :)  Each weekend when your child checks in they will receive a printed name badge that matches your pick up receipt.  All volunteers are trained and screened through a federal background check, and security personnel monitor the building.

Energetic Worship

We love to lift Jesus’ name high in worship and kids do this better than anyone. Kids learn both new and old songs, and hand motions to help them engage.

Creative Bible Teaching

We strive to captivate the hearts and imaginations of kids by creatively telling them the stories of the greatest book ever written…the Bible.  We use discussions, activities and crafts to help kids connect and apply God’s word to their lives.


We aren’t meant to do life alone.  We find it important to help kids build friendships, so kids are grouped by age and grade.  Your kids will see familiar faces, and their relationships will grow.


Classroom environments, materials, and activities have been designed in a way your child will understand.  Our desire is to make God’s word accessible to each age group.


Kids love fun. And when they’re having fun, they can’t wait to come back and learn more about Jesus.